duo landini


Duo Landini

Two Belgian top-musicians, violinist and viola-player Jenny Spanoghe and composer, pianist and organist Jan Van Landeghem, are together Duo Landini. They perform in Belgian festivals and abroad.

They have a lot of success with their strong interpretations, their special choice of programs, and their musical symbiosis. They like to alternate works by Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart with romantic music as Rheinberger and Mendellsohn, César Franck and De Boeck. They perform on each concert contemporary music and create new compositions.

Jenny Spanoghe

is known as a soloist, she is first violin of the Lutoslawski string quartet and the Lipsius piano trio. Her repertory goes from baroque to contemporary music .She created more as 100 compositions, and a lot of composers dedicated their work to her.Jenny is as well the protagonist of a new type of instruments, the 5-strings viola. She performs recitals in which she changes from violin to 5-strings viola. Jenny performs everywhere in the world and gives master-classes. She is Professor of violin and chamber music at the Fontys Conservatory at Tilburg (Netherlands) . She got a lot of prizes in Belgium and abroad,(Prize of Sabam, first big prize of Dexia-Brussels and Prize of the French Foundation in Paris )  and gives Master-Classes everywhere. Jenny plays on a violin (2006) and a viola (2002) from violin maker Thomas Meuwissen, Brussels, and on a 5 string viola (2005) from Master violin maker Luc Deneys from Mirecourt-Ghent.
Jenny made  about 15Cd’s, and is in her free time a painter (canvas on oil) and writes poems.

Jan Van Landeghem
played on the most famous organs in the world. He is Professor composition at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, he is Director of the Music-Academy of Bornem and is Member of the Directive Commission of the SABAM. As composer, he wrote more as 150 compositionsmperfor+ed world/wide . Witold Pendercki considers him as the renovator of the contemporary music because of his expression in a new vision and technique. Jan got more as 15 national and international prizes, as the Flanders-Québec prize, the Sabam prize and the Camille Huysmas prize.His stile is inspired in one way by the great classic masters, and in another way by the influence of Lutoslawski and Luciano Bério.
Jan wants to let  a deep emotional influence on the public.

His most important works are:

  • his violin-concerto, der Kuss, created by Jenny Spanoghe and the Chamber Orchestra of Wallonie.
  • his pianoconcerto for piano, orchestra and 4 mixed groups.
  • his string –quartets and piano trio’s
  • Guernica for cello and piano
  • Widmung for 5 strings violin etc…..


Duo Landini viert pas zijn 10 jarig jubileum in 2011,
met tournées in China en Argentinië, en Vlaanderen, én een nieuwe CD.