Jan Van Landeghem List of works



Solo works  

  • Toccatella  “Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme” for organ (1981), edition D.M.P.
  • Partita  “Ruk open Heer de hemelpoort” for organ (1984), edition DMP
  • “Trivium liquidium” for flute solo (1985)
  • “Seduzione” for clarinet solo (1986)
  • “Game 1” for organ, 2 man + ped (1988)
  • “Uit de kleine wildernis” for  piano, cyclus for children (1986-1995) edition DMP.
    1ste prijs (hoofdprijs) DMP nieuwe muziek voor kinderen
  • “Battaglia interotta” for  symphonic organ, 3-4 man + ped (1989)
  • “Shots” for marimba solo (1993) -“Spielerei” for flute solo (1994) + “Klage” (1995) + “Totentanz” (1996)
    edition Lantro Music
  • “Elegie voor Carl & Karel” organ solo (1993)
  • “Jobutsu” for one recorder player+ crotalen (1996)
  • “Le limonaire” “L’orgue de Barbarie” two pieces for organ solo (2.000) hommage to Adriaan Willaert
  • “Thamasoo ma jyotir gamaya” for organ solo (2.000) . (first publics prize in september 2.000)
  • “Reflection I” for piano solo (2.000) dedicated to Vladimir Mogilewski
  • “Six meditations” for organ solo (2.000) (creatie Broechem)
  • “Der Zippelfagottist” (The nanny-goat bassoonist/  De geitefagottist)for bassoon and piano  (2.001) 
  • “Tyaga” for accordion solo (2.001) Lantro music.
  • “Widmung” for 5-strings violin (2003) First performance Hoboken januari 2003 dedicated to Jenny Spanoghe
  • "Antheilismus”  for solo violin Commissioned by Taces Festival Holland Tilburg.  First performance 8 januari 2005
  • “55 meridiaan LV” for solo horn  januari 2005
  • “Bells-Game I “ for carillon (“Klokkenspel I”) januari 2005 dedicated to Tom Van Peer and Jos and Geert D’Hollander  

Chamber music

  • “Tres danzas festivas” for flute and guitar (1987), edition DMP, international prize new edidions USA -“Birds” for recorderquartet( (1989)
  • “Grappa ma non trappa” for clarinetquartet (1989) -“Silent Scream Quartet” for stringsquartet (1991), creatie in KMC Brussel door Arriaga strijkkwartet, awarded with the international ‘Prix de la musique contemporaine Flandre-Québec’ Montréal, Canada in 1995.
  • “Sanpaku” for recorderquartet (1992)
  • “Essere o non essere” for bflat-clarinet and piano (1992), edition De Haske ‘Nieuwe muziek’ Walter Boeykens; also available for bassclarinet.
  • “The Jericho Wall” for trumpet and piano, also for trumpet and organ (1992) METROPOLIS etdition Antwerp
  • “Carpe Diem” for brass quiintet (1993),
  • “Epitaffio voor Koning Boudewijn” for trumpet and organ (1994)
  • “Aquarioso” for 8-12 trumpets(1994),
  • “Quartettsatz” for flute, viola and harpsichord(1995)
  • “Pastorale notturno” for clarinet and organ (1995)
  • “Gipsy Music” suite for violin and guitar (1996) Edition METROPOLIS Antwerp
  • “Music for Flute or Recorder and Marimba” (1996)Creatie van de versie voor fluit en marimba 1 oktober 1999 door Elke Tierens fluit en Jan Cherlet Marimba op de zolderzaal van het CC te Bornem.
  • “Trio nr I” for violin, cello and piano (1996)
  • “Three Cristals for Four Trumpets” (1996)
  • “Concerto Grosso Modo for Nonet” (1997)
    String Quartet 1 Recorder Quartet + 1 Percussionist or
    String Quartet + Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon and Percussionist
  • “Marcatissimo” piano quartet (1997-98) pno/vno/vla/vc; creatie pianokwartet 
  • “Marcato”, Festival Belgische componisten te Brussel. 1st prize “Composer of the year 2.000” Ramsgate Spring Festival International Contest.
  • “Bonus malus 22” for double saxofonequartet (1998)
  • “Spielerei II” for recorder and harpsichord (1998) uitg. Chantraine
  • “Reynaert de Vos” (1999) for woordwind dixtuor and 1 percussionist, creatie CD opname september 1999 Galaxy studio’s te Mol; versie II met recitant in een bewerking van Walter van den Broeck, Bornem 24 september 1999 Festival van Vlaanderen
  • “Flowermusic” for violin and piano (1999) Creatie “Rode Pomp” Gent door Kristien Roels, viool en Bohuslav Jan Strobel, piano (juni 1999)
  • “Guernica” for cello and piano (1999) -“Trio vertigo” for violin, clarinet and piano (1998) version 2 with viola, clarinet and piano (1999)
  • “Two pieces for two marimbas” (1999) Sohum &  Shakti  (Edition Percussion Music Europe)
  • “Quasi uno minuto unisono” for viola and cello (
  • “Les tambours d’antan” for  songs for  mezzo, flute and 2 percussion players Teksten. “L’autre rive”  Anton van Wilderode (2.000)de creatie van 3 liederen (1,2,3) had plaats te Beveren op in maart 2001.
  • “Six Meditations” for oboe, (englisch horn), bassoon, cello and double bass for the  Boenix quartet(oktober 2.000)
  • “African music” for recorderquartet (commissioned by “4 op ’n rij”) 2000-2001 de creatie had plaats in maart 2001 te St. Agatha Berchem (oude kerk cultureel centrum).
  • “O guardador” voor 2 flutists, 1 percussionist and narrator ad libitum (can be used for ballet)
  • “L’invisible pour les yeux” for violin and forgan (2002) first performance Overijse 2002 and Kortrijk
    1.     Les étoiles
    2.     Le prince
    3.     La rose
    4.     Musette (Le Renard)
    5.     Eclats de lumière 
  • « Verhaeren Quartet » for string quartet first performance 17th of november by Jenny Spanoghe , first violin of the Verhaeren quartet 
  • “Jiva” trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon. First performance 2004 Festival Walter Boeykens Bornem. 
  • Piano Trio nr. 2” for piano, violin, cello december 2004 Eisenhuttenstadt BRD 
  • “Ballad” for two pianos; first performance februai 2005 academy Bornem 
  • “Cosmic Energy” for four harps October 2006 First performance Harpe Diem 
  • “Aquarius Music” for violin and harp 1. 2. 2006 First performance Harpe Diem 2006 
  • “The Kundalini of the Playing Koalas”  for 2 Marimbas Set Piece of the Universal Marimbacompetition Belgium 2007
  • “Verhaerentriptiek” for viola and piano 2007  

Vocal Music

  •  “Four Poems for Choir” for childrens choir or mixed choir (1986), awarded in France‘Florilège Musical de Tours’ 1989
  • “De mens bestaat” cantate for 3 choir groups and 2 bands text:Anton Van Wilderode (1992-1993) 
  • "Een tent van tamarinde" (1991-1993) songcycle for high voice and piano, awarded the Provincial Prize of East-Flanders in 1995 
  • “Satermuziek” for  4part mixed choir, vocal quartet and piano, text by  Achilles Mussche (1993) First performance Festival of flanders, Mechelen.
  • “Post lunam crescentem” cantate for choir, soprano solo and instrumental ensemble chommissioned by Radio III (1994)
  • “De mist verkoelt het geluid” cycle for choir, text: by Katelijne Vander Hallen (1994)
  • “Sieben Trakllieder” song cycle for tenor, stringquartet and piano text by  Georg Trakl (1994-1995) Opname VRT Radio 3.
  • “Vier Jahreszeiten” for high voice and piano, text by Georg Trakl (1995), edition A. Van Kerckhoven, Brussels
  • “Trois Songs” for baryton and piano, text  by Jacques Prévert (1995) -“Due canti” for male choir, text by  Giuseppi Ungaretti (1995)
  • “Drie erotische liedekens” for soprano and guitar, text by Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck (1995-1996)
  • “Les Heures d’après-midi” for soprano and  clarinetquintet + piano text by  Emile Verhaeren (1997-1998) (+piano version) commissioned by the Verhaerenkring te St. Amands,  first performed under direction of  the composer.by the Walter Boeykensensemble.
  • “Gezelle triptiek” (1998) for soprano/basclarinet , and  bflat clarinet (and Ebklar) and piano. 1ste prize winner at the internationale Gezellecontest Roeselare in  mei 1999 1 mei.
  • “Three Gezellesongs” for middle voice and piano, text by:  Guido Gezelle (1999)
  • “COSTONOLOI” “Our Father” for 8  tot 16-part mixed choir; a commission ofFlander’s Voiced festival, for the Dutch chamberchoir (selected Flemish composer by the ensemble) (1999)
  • “Vier kleengedichtjes” on text by Guido Gezelle (1999) for mixed choir
    1. “Als de ziele luistert”;
    2. “Timpe, tompe, terelink”;
    3. "'t Was in de blijde mei" ;
    4. “De snee” .
  • “Ave Maria” for soprano and organ (2.000)
  • “Les tambours d’antan” see chamber music
  • "Drie kleengedichtjes" for four equal voices  2001 text Guido Gezelle
  • “Quand la lune danse” for  soprano, violin and piano. Text by Jenny Spanoghe (2003) first performance 2005 februari Kolveniershof Antwerpen. Recording Pavane.
  • “Air” for tenor solo, violin, harp and choir . Text by Jenny Spanoghe first performance 2005 18 oktober Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk o.l.v. Kurt Bikkembergs
  • “Opus prullewol” liedcycle for bariton and piano. Text by  Rainer Maria Rilke and Clara Vanuytven. 2006
  • “Dyptichon” for soprano solo, bass solo, violin solo, horn solo, percussion and choir. Tesxt by  Dora Mahy. Commissiond by Ex Tempore en Florian Heyerick. First performance  Sunday 10th of  december  2006  Byloke  Ghent.
  • “Requiem for Benjamin” voor soprano solo, alt solo, hobo/english horn, violin and organ. Text by  Pablo Neruda en Jenny Spanoghe. (december 2006 first performance  november 2007 Tilburg Conservatory)    


Orchestral works also with choir and soloists  

  • “Behind the Crescent Moon” for stringorchestra, 12 strings minimum(1989)
  • “Concerto per organo ed orchestra-Urbi et Gorbi” for the opening of the Berlin wall, commisioned by the Concertenfestival Knokke-Heist (1991)
  • “Epitaffio” for symphonic orchestra(1993), was awarded the nationaleWendungenprize of the Flanders Festival (1993) and the Camiel Huysmans prize (1994), Editions Cebedem
  • “Serenata Notturna” for strings, english horn,, horn and harp (1994)
  • “Modale suite” for band (1995), awarded the BAP-prijs Sabam
  • “Les heures claires” songcycle for  baryton and symfonyorchestra text by tekst by Emile Verhaeren,commissioned by the “ Koninklijk Filharmonisch orkest van Vlaanderen” (1996) editions Cebedem Brussels.
  • “Pastorale notturno” for strings and solo clarinet (1996-1997-2001)
  • “Concerto for guitar and orchestra ” commissioned by Yves Storms (1996-1997),  editions Cebedem
  • “Gezelle” multimedial oratorio for choir, orchestra and soloists, edition  Cebedem (1999) first performed  Bruges 1st of mai (birthday of Guido Gezelle) under the procudtion of Stijn Baron Coninckx.
  • “Milleniummusic” for large symphonic orchestra, filmmusic for the project Stad in de tijd, commissioned by the city of St.Niklaas.(1999-2000).
  • “Humoreske 2.000” for band orchestration Marcel De Boeck. 1999. Edition Musigrafica Diksmuide. 
  • “Gartenmusik” “Garden music” for soprano and tenor solo and orchestra , text by Emile Verhaeren: “Les heures claires” (translated in English and German (2.000) 
  • “Four orchestral songs” (from Gardenmusic) for soprano, tenor and orchestra (2.000)          
  • ”Concerto for piano and orchestra” 2002 firstperformance Brussels Palais de Beaux Arts Alexandre Bodak, piano Vlaams symfonisch orkest o.l.v. David Agnus. 
  • “Cri d’amour sur champ de mort” Oratorio for mezzo solo, choir and orchestra (same as Mozart Requiem) Turnhout Tsjech Philharmonia Lucienne Van Deyck o.g.f. Herman Engels 2002 
  • “Youth Concerto for violin and orchestra” first performance by Jenny Spanoghe, October 2004 (Neerpelt and Bornem) 
  • ”Concerto for 2 marimbas and 6 percussionists” International Marimbafestival 2005 St. Truiden
  • “Der Kuss” violin Concerto nr 2 First Performance by Jenny Spanoghe Festival Knokke Heist 2005. “Orchestre de chamber de la Wallonie” under the guidance of the composer.
  • “Serenata Doppia” per violino, viola e corde, ommagio per Steve Lacey First performance Blossom Festival Ghent with Micha Bezverkny viola and Jenny Spanoghe violin (2006)
  • “Concerto Doppio” per violino, viola e corde. 2006. 



  • ”Birds”  Flanders Recorder Quartet, CD Vox Temporis CD92 OO4
  • “Carpe Diem” The European Brass Quintet, CD Pavane ADW 7294
  • “Aquarioso” Flanders Trumpet Choir, CD DiGi Classics DC 9410002
  • Toccatella op “Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme” Koor Rondinella, LP
  • “Zen” uit “Sanpaku”-Flanders Recorder Quartet, CD ‘Meister van Morgen’, Dr. Carl Dörken Stiftung, Herdecke, Deutschland
  • ”Jobutsu”uitvoering Geert Van Gele, CD Vox Temporis CD92 031
  • “In One Salutation to Thee” uit “Four Poems for Choir”,uitvoering Ensemble Voca Lisa, CD BRTN Radio 3 ‘Twintig jaar koorleven in Vlaanderen’, CD1536
  • “M&L orgels” CD CODO21-97/1 Partita over “Ruk open Heer de hemelpoort”, K.D.’Hooghe orgAN
  • “Tres Danzas Festivas” I Cherubini Koen Brouns, flute and Jurgen De bruyn, guitar.
  • “TOWARDS THE SEA” B&B 1999 -“Gezelle triptiek” Phaedra 1999
  • “Reinaert de vos” blazersdixtuor en 1 slagwerker door I Solisti del Vento, opname Galaxy studio’s te Mol; I Solisti del Vento 99-01.
  • “Stad in de tijd” 1900-1944 Millenniummusic Gate Productions V.Z.W.
    1. Time is money,
    2. Wartensions I,
    3. Fancy-fair,
    4. Wartensions II het Symfonieorkest van de Stedelijke Academie voor muziek, woord en dans.
  • “A turkish bumble-bee” Serie Festival Walter Boeykens 2.000
  • “Marcatissimo” Marcato pianoquartet René Gailly CD87 177 Contemporary Flemish Composers 2.00
  • "Quasi uno minuto unisono" Miniaturen voor Archipel 25 Contemporary Flemish composers (Pieter Stas, Vc; Chris Matthynsens, Vla)
  • “Vertigo” Trio per viola, clarinetto & pianoforte / Ensemble notabene Geert Baeckelandt, clarinet, Marc Tooten, viola, Paul Hermsen, piano TODAY (2002)
  • "Quasi uno minuto unisono" voor altviool en cello Miniaturen voor archipel, 25 Vlaamse hedendaagse componisten (Kris Mattynsens, altviool en Pieter Stas cello) (2001)
  • “Reiki” for flute and  marimba, “Intermezzo” voor hoorn en harp, drie stukken voor klarinet en piano” (Marc Van Hoorick/ Jan Van Landeghem) CROSS-OVER CD 2002 Laureaten en docenten van de academie voor muziek, woord en dans van Bornem.
  • “Three Cristals for four Trumpets” trompetkwartet
  • “Franck/ Van Landeghem” Duo Landini Pavane ADW 7490 L’invisible pour les yeux 2005 
  • "Concertino for two marimbas and 6 Percussionists" Robert McCormick-conductor and the McCormick Percussion Group “Concertino for Two Marimbas and Six Percussionists”.2006
  • “Sohum & Shakti” (17’3’’) Axoum New Music for Two Marimbas TA CD001 Elwira Slazak Gabriel Collet    



  • Trio All’armi, “Arias for soprano, Trumpet and Organ” , CD Pavane ADW 7223 works by A. Scarlatti, W. Purcell, Aldrovandini …..
  • Duo All’armi, “Baroque Music for trumpet and organ” , CD Pavane ADW 7281 works by N. Bruhns, J.S. Bach, J.J. Froberger ……
  • Jan Van Landeghem, “organ works by Bach, Purcell, Mozart and Buxtehude” , CD Pavane ADW 7339
  • Jan Van Landeghem, organ works by Bruhns, Frescobaldi and Buxtehude, op “Musische per Organo” , CD uitgave in eigen beheer Associazione Culturale Mons Celestino Escher, Smarano, Italy.
  • “Duo Landini” Jenny Spanoghe, violin and Jan Van Landeghem, organ  adw 7490.  Van Landeghem, De Boeck, Franck (Sonate)